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Airline with the largest cargo capacity and competitive prices from the airport "Alexander the Great" Skopje with connections to most airports around the world.


Turkish Airlines was founded as a national airline company in 1933. In 1936, it transported its first international cargo. Beginning with mail and important documents, the cargo transportation has evolved over time to meet customer needs. In 2000, as part of the Turkish Airlines restructuring, the cargo activities of Turkish Airlines were consolidated into Turkish Cargo.  Turkish Cargo extended its services with its scheduled cargo flights and trucking network to develop regional commerce and meet expanding customer demand. 


Turkish Cargo, a division of Turkish Airlines, uses the flight network and fleet of its parent company. Currently the 5th air carrier in the world in terms of network size and fleet of 223 aircrafts. As one of the fastest-growing air cargo companies in the cargo industry, offers useful and reliable services to its customers. Their passenger aircrafts, transport cargos to more than 240 cities in 100 countries. Also arrange scheduled cargo flights with their 9 cargo planes. In addition, have Truck services to more than 1000 locations for which do not have flights yet. Moreover, have more than 67 S.P.A agreement and more than 145 interline connections all over the world, in order to bring your cargo wherever you want.

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